Thurman, New York: A town that lies entirely inside the Adirondack Park Thurman New York is a majestic place to visit. Visitors flock to the town every month to enjoy the Maple Days festival.

What to do in Thurman:

  • Chamber

    Chamber (Warrensburg): 518-623-2161

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  • Adirondack Spectral Investigations

    Adirondack Spectral Investigations - 518-623-4889 Thurman Station We are a small group of Paranormal Investigators, based in Thurman NY.

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  • Beaver Brook Outfitters

    Beaver Brook Outfitters - 518-251-3394 - 500' from Thurman Canoe, Kayak & Tube on the Lower Hudson River.Open Daily all Summer Long!

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  • Warrensburgh Museum of Local History

    Warrensburgh Museum of Local History - 518-623-2928 - 3 miles Portrays more than 200 years of local history beginning as Town of Thurman.

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  • Hickory Ski Center

    Hickory Ski Center: Located nearby in Warrensburg the Hickory Ski Center offers 18 trails over 5 miles. For more information contact: 518-623-5754.

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  • Valley Road Maple Farm

    Valley Road Maple Farm: Visit a state-of-the-art sugarhouse and see over 3,400 maple taps that produce candy, cream, syrup and more. For more information contact: 518-792-4542.

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  • Veterans Memorial Field

    Veterans Memorial Field: Sit on the lawn and enjoy live local music weekly.

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  • Adirondack Ambiance

    Adirondack Ambiance - 518-623-3813 - diagonally across from the Thurman Station at the historic 1804 Griffing Farm Homestead. Adirondack Scenic Art& Rustic Furniture open Summers Fri & Sat or by apt

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  • 4 seasons rentals

    4 seasons rentals - 610-613-7025 - Warrentsburg -Two blocks walkable/shuttle Furnished two bedroom one bath apartment with full kitchen. Location!

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  • The Georgian

    The Georgian (Lake George, NY) : 518-688-5401

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